Our Services Include

Is your computer running slowly? Do you constantly have unwanted pop-ups on your screen? You may have been infected by a virus or spyware application. We can come to you, and provide an assessment of your system, and remove any threatening software found. We pride ourselves on being virus removal specialists!

Is your computer turning into a dinosaur? Perhaps your computer is just beyond repair? Our team can tailor an upgrade to your specific needs or assist you in purchasing a brand new machine. Whether you want to run the latest software, or just want the internet to run faster, we have the solution for you!

Want to check your email but your computer is just beeping at you? Nothing happens when you turn your computer on? Instead of pulling your hair out working out what went wrong, give us a call! We have all the tools to diagnose whatever problem you may be having, and aim to get your computer up and running as soon as possible!

Want to share your internet connection or set up your home network? Currently have a network and need help going wireless? It's no problem for our technicians! We offer the advice and products you need to share your files with all computers in your home or office.

Just got a computer and struggling to set it up? Perhaps you need to copy your files from one computer to another? At the Computer Consulting Group we dont just specialise in computer repairs. Our friendly staff will happily assist you with any problems you may have, while answering all your queries in plain English!

Want to upgrade to ADSL but dont know if your computer is up to it? Just upgraded to ADSL but don't know how to set it up correctly? We can help! Our technicians can install your hardware and have you on the internet quickly and painlessly. We can also setup all your email and favourites too!

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